The Way You Look At a Modern Law Firm

Busch Mills is a full-service business law firm founded on the belief that a new model for the modern law firm is needed for today’s fast paced business world. One that merges experience with efficiency and leverages technology to the practice of law. By combining hands on legal counsel with real-world expertise and organizing our attorneys into specialized departments, we bring significant value to our clients. We’re problem solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers. Where other attorneys have questions, we find answers. Where other firms have complex hierarchies and committees, our senior partners work directly with clients at all levels. This client-focused intent has led us to create a new model for the modern law firm. 

About the Firm

The members of our firm have worked with some of the country’s best law firms and have extensive legal experience guiding large companies.  In addition, our partners hold MBA’s, have managed businesses and have served as company presidents grasping the world of law from the client perspective.  The diversity of our experience combined with our value-add model give our clients exceptional legal services for costs well.


Investment Services Group

Busch Mills is an industry leader in structuring, sourcing and closing transactions for family offices, private equity funds, hedge funds, broker-dealers, registered investment advisors and other large individual or institutional investors. The firm’s mission on every client transaction is to preserve assets and promote returns. Download our brochure to learn more about the services we offer.

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