Government Sanctions (OFAC) and White-Collar Crime

Our Government Sanctions (OFAC) and White-Collar Crime team at Busch Mills is comprised of internationally experienced defense attorneys that possess an in-depth knowledge of white-collar crimes. Whether the case is domestic or international, our team has the expertise and track record to successfully represent and achieve positive outcomes for multinational corporations, government officials, businesspeople and professionals in a wide range of white-collar criminal matters, including:
  • Investment Frauds and Schemes
  • Money Laundering
  • Internal Investigations
Our Government Sanctions (OFAC) and White-Collar Crime team can also assist U.S. companies, multinational corporations and international financial institutions to ensure they comply with U.S. government and foreign government regulations at all levels. Our team has the extensive experience necessary to establish and maintain global commercial operations that are compliant with banking and anti-money laundering regulations, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other sanctions programs. In the case that a client is accused of not adhering to sanctions, our attorneys can assist in all stages of litigation, from pre-indictment to sentencing, with strategies that can achieve an optimal outcome.

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