Intellectual Property and technology

The members of Busch Mills advise businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs regarding the development, protection and exploitation of technology-related assets. In this capacity we assist our clients in identifying, registering and protecting their intellectual property as well as help them to effectively license and make available their technology to others. A sample of services that we provide includes:
  • Identification, registration, protection and licensing of trade and service marks and internet domain names;
  • Labeling, registration, protection and licensing of copyrights;
  • Review, registration, protection and licensing of mechanical, electrical and business method patents;
  • Identification, protection and licensing of trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property;
  • Preparation, negotiation and drafting of a variety of technology and intellectual property arrangements, including:
  • Outsourcing and cross-licensing;
  • Hardware and software development;
  • OEM, VAR, System Integration, joint venture, and other channel agreements;
  • Application Service Providers (“ASPs”) and web site design or and information technology (IT) hosting agreements;
  • Independent contractor, confidentiality, invention assignment and employee non-compete agreements and polices;
  • Click-wrap, enterprise, end-user, support and maintenance, services and consulting engagement and license agreements; and
  • Telecommunications services, including voice and data transmission, conferencing, and fax and document distribution

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