What Businesses Need to Think About Before Reopening

After months of uncertainty, most states across the country are beginning to reopen. But as constantly changing local, state and federal rules (along with industry-specific regulations) emerge and employees start to return to the workplace, many businesses are wondering how to resume operations as the world shifts to a “post-COVID” world.

For most businesses, this next phase will present new legal challenges with little precedent. As a result, businesses of all sizes in all industries are turning to their general counsel for guidance. Some of the most common questions our firm has been hearing from clients in regard to reopening their businesses include:

  • What is the legal risk of reopening?
  • What should we do if employees refuse to come to work because they fear it is unsafe?
  • Should we take the temperatures of employees?
  • How much immunity will we have from liability suits?
  • How much will insurance cover interrupted operations?
  • How can we be sure we are doing enough?

Here at Busch Mills our attorneys have been considering the best answers to these types of questions as we help clients resume their business operations. Our general counsel services can assist you with various issues related to workspace reconfiguration, employee matters, liability, litigation, insurance and corporate governance. Contact our experienced team to learn more.